Workshop by BIM Loket: Linking 3D GIS Data to 3D IFC Models

Researchers from TU Delft and TU Eindhoven, under the guidance of Prof. Jantien Stoter, have collaborated in a research project called 'Geo-BIM' to connect CityGML and IFC. The research strives to develop methods for linking 3D GIS data of a city area to 3D IFC models of buildings within that area. Municipalities of Rotterdam and The Hague are also involved in the research, in the context of digitizing the process of application and grant authorization of building permits. The results of this research project will be presented at the workshop. Practitioners from both administration and the building industry will discuss the results and explore (near) future developments in the field of Geo-BIM.

Jaqueline Meerkerk

Managing Director
BIM Loket
The Netherlands

Jantien Stoter

Professor – 3D Geoinformation
TU Delft
The Netherlands

Jennifer Oldfield

Information Advisor and GeoBIM Specialist
the Gobar Consulting Group
The Netherlands

Friso Penninga

Senior Advisor SDI
The Netherlands

Joris Goos

Program Manager Digital Management and Building
Municipality of Rotterdam
The Netherlands