Plenary Panel

Transforming Construction Industry through Education GEO|Design+BIM is transforming the construction industry by providing the theoretical and applied frameworks to address the most pressing challenges of the 21st century: urban population growth, smart infrastructure, land management, sustainability, and others. To achieve such benefits, it is important for competent graduates to be injected into the industry with the right knowledge and skills.

Panelists, consisting of academia and industrial experts, will discuss GEO|Design+BIM curriculum requirements, program strengths and challenges, hardware and software platforms used in the curriculum, student engagement in the local community, GEO|Design+BIM applications, student career placement, as well as program ambitions for the next 3-5 years.

Dr. Darren Ruddell

Associate Professor, Spatial Sciences Institute
University of Southern California

Prof. Josef Strobl

Chair, Department of Geoinformatics
University of Salzburg

Gert Jan Burgers

Director of Research Institute for Culture, History and Heritage (CLUE+) VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ignasi PĂ©rez Arnal

Partner Director
BIM Academy

Sisi Zlatanova

Associate professor, 3D Geoinformation, Urbanism
TU Delft
The Netherlands