GEO| Design + BIM: An integrated event

GEO| Design + BIM will be a one of its kind event in Europe, highlighting and initiating discussions related to the use of geospatial data analytics and 3D modeling in spatial design, construction, operation and maintenance. The event is a combination of two innovative platforms: GeoDesign Summit Europe and GeoBIM Europe, which have been organized separately in the past years. Understanding the relevance and importance of bringing the geospatial analytics, spatial planning, architecture, engineering, construction and operation/maintenance professionals together in one platform, a combined effort has been initiated, giving birth to this exciting integrated event.

GEO| Design + BIM will include three keynotes, panel discussions, technical sessions and workshops facilitating conversations on the future of Geospatial-enabled design and BIM across asset lifecycle. Examples of best available technologies is one of the central themes. Successful case studies and future challenges shall also be discussed. Targeting 300 delegates from across Europe, the 2-day event shall be complemented by a demonstration area showcasing the latest technologies that support processes like sustainable urban planning, cost benefit analysis, management of flows (people, energy, goods, water and waste) and incident & asset management.