Technical Session

Integrating Imagery, Point Clouds and Public Datasets into BIM Many construction firms are now adopting digital construction processes and integrating Geospatial-enabled BIM in their operation. Although the geospatial context can easily be acquired through imagery, point clouds and public datasets; the integration of these datasets into construction daily workflows is often still a struggle. The session shall demonstrate practical project examples of Geospatial and BIM integration and how it can resolve complex design challenges.

Sanghee Shin

Chief Executive Officer
Gaia3D, Inc.
South Korea

Adrian Burgess

Technical Director
Professional Construction Strategies Group (PCSG), United Kingdom

Stephen Crompton

Chief Technology Officer
Business Collaborator Limited (GroupBC)
United Kingdom

Asem Zabin

Sr. BIM Engineer
iTech Management Consultancy

Peter Gyuris

Geonardo Ltd