Technical Session

GEO|Design+BIM for Preventive Maintenance The largest cost of any building/infrastructure's life-cycle does not come from design and construction. It comes from operating and maintaining the asset for as long as its lifespan. It is critical for building owner and facility managers to be able to control such cost. Projects that incorporated geospatial-enabled BIM from the design phase, and continually used in the construction phase, will have essential facility information in one manageable, accessible package. Once the contractor hands over the BIM to building owner or facility managers, this becomes a powerful tool that can be used for the entire life cycle of the asset. The session shall feature building owners and facility managers discussing their key challenge in developing a maintenance program for their assets, and how geo-enabled design and BIM can help.

Dr. Ahmet Citipitioglu

Engineering & Design Director
TAV Construction

Hester van der Voort

Environment Manager, BIM program
The Netherlands

Tom Bartley

Senior Engineer, Highways

Tessa Eikelboom

Application Manager and Advisor Géodesign
The Netherlands