GEOBIM 2020, bearing the theme, Construction 4.0: Harnessing GEOBIM Readiness with 4IR advancements, is scheduled to take place on 3-4 December 2020. After six years of initiating conversations on GeoDesign+BIM and GEOBIM in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; the GEOBIM 2020 conference will initiate dialogue on the preparedness of the AEC industry in using integrated geospatial and BIM technologies along with other digital technologies (or 4IR technologies) and collaborative workflows. To adapt to this new panorama of construction technology evolution and the changing technology paradigm in the AEC industry, the 7th edition of GEOBIM will bring together AEC leaders, experts, and specialists, to provide cutting-edge knowledge to the business authorities.

The GEOBIM 2020 conference brings together senior-level decision-makers and technology influencers from across the AEC industry ecosystem to initiate discussions on the utilization of integrated geospatial and BIM technologies (GEOBIM) and its advancements by fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies across transport, buildings and campuses, and industrial sectors. The conference will include discussions and deliberations on topics ranging from digital construction, OpenBIM, GEOBIM standards, underground/sub-surface infrastructure, modular construction, digital twins, pre-fabrication, 3-D printing, etc., across horizontal and vertical construction projects. The conference will facilitate an environment for innovation in GEOBIM technology space, define the GEOBIM maturity model, deliberate on disruptive business models, identify challenges and benefits associated with technology adoption, among many other things.

The GEOBIM 2020 conference, built on comprehensive market research – will feature 120 unparalleled speakers across cutting-edge, market-driven quality programs. The conference will provide an ideal opportunity for the AEC firms, government authorities, technology providers, and consultants to hear and showcase the latest in the construction world while at the same time evangelizing cutting edge GEOBIM solutions for across the construction lifecycle.