Over the past decade, the conversation in the AEC industry has gradually transitioned to utilization of Industry 4.0 (4IR) technologies in the lifecycle of a construction project – bringing in an era of Construction 4.0 across both horizontal and vertical construction. In the next few years, as architect, engineering and construction (AEC) firms double their investments in construction technologies, dialogues and deliberations are necessary for harnessing GEOBIM Readiness across construction lifecycle projects with 4IR advancements. For digital construction to percolate the construction lifecycle process, stakeholders must assess their preparedness in adopting integrated geospatial and BIM solutions enabled by 4IR technologies. GEOBIM preparedness or readiness is critical for improving the process of delivering the built environment. Advancements in digital construction tools and techniques – necessitates dialogue among the AEC stakeholders on the level of technology adoption across the plan, design, build, operation and maintain phases, the role of policy in facilitating technology adoption and the strategic innovations in construction technology.

In today's world of digital construction, there exists a consensus that digital technologies are improving the construction process. In such times, it is essential for AEC firms, and policymakers to unlock the potential of integrated geospatial and BIM solutions enabled by wireless sensors, automated and robotic equipment, and 3D Printing. Stakeholders must unlock the power of GEOBIM readiness across infrastructure, real estate and other built assets. With the theme, Construction 4.0: Harnessing GEOBIM Readiness with 4IR Advancements, GEOBIM 2020 will touch upon the readiness of AEC firms, in utilization and application of new-age digital tools in the construction lifecycle across the transport, industrial and buildings infrastructure in India.

The conference shall provide a platform to the leaders of the AEC firms and policymakers to have an understanding of the different levels of integrated GEOBIM solutions maturity. The conference will initiate dialogue among stakeholders on the cautious approach to enable firms to approach the utilization of GEOBIM solutions with agility and make wholesome changes to construction processes using cutting-edge GEOBIM solutions with 4IR advancements.