Rahma Al Balushi

Rahma Al Balushi

GIS Specialist, Oman Electricity Transmission Company, Oman


I am a BSc qualified professional with a successful record of accomplishment in ,GIS, analysis and research. I am a thinker, innovative and keen to learn and expand my knowledge. I'm skilled in Esri products, such as ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, and RDMS, such as Oracle and SQL Server. I've worked in the geographic Information System domain for 7 years in different sectors.


GIS Data Governance: GIS Data Submission Process for Build-in Project, Replacement Project at Oman electricity Transmission Company

Oman Electricity Transmission Company's (OETC) vision is to be a renowned world-class transmission grid by 2025, and one of the indications of achieving the vision is obtaining Asset Management ISO55001 certification, which required setting out a documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Hence, documented SOP for the Geographical information system data process has been established. Also, to effectively manage and improve OETC power transmission, asset data and information need to be governed as such by Asset Information & GIS department. This paper will describe in detail the the current GIS data submission process and the journey for developing it. The methodology used to develop the process is based on three main pillars, which are system and end-user requirements, Risk evaluation, data availability, and accuracy. The output of this paper shows the dramatic change in the used process, which results subsequently in more efficient, accurate, and updated data. Furthermore, due to this process, GIS has been and is ready to be integrated with other systems as well as the source of data for all OETC users. Some decisions related to issuing No objection certificates (NOC) for excavation permits and scheduling asset maintenance plans in Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) have been made consequently upon GIS data availability. On the Other hand, defining an agreed and documented procedures for data collection, data systems update, data release/reporting and data alterations has also contributed to reduce the missing attributes and enhance data quality index of GIS transmission data. A considerable difference in Geodatabase (GDB) completeness percentage were observed between the year 2017 and year 2022. Overall, concluding that by governance, asset information & GIS department can control GIS data process; collect, properly record, and manage asset data and information within OETC network. This control extends to other applications and systems integrated with/related to GIS systems.