Harry Atkinson

Harry Atkinson

Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer, Sensat, UK


Harry Atkinson is Sensat's Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer. He is a highly inquisitive person with an entrepreneurial mindset who is drawn to new challenges. He received a BA from the University of Sussex and the University of California, where he first met James Dean. He Co-Founded Sensat due to his interest in construction and the inspiring challenge of revolutionising this industry by improving future urban environments through geospatial digitalisation. Harry's skillset is orientated around problem-solving and a passion for understanding how the world works. He manages the vital data coming in and out of the company and ensures this intelligence is informing value-based results through the customer success team. He is driven by the benefits and triumphs Sensat's products deliver to their clients, from monumental projects such as HS2, Heathrow Airport and the M25 to mitigating the risks presented to construction personnel. Harry has been recognised as one of Forbes 30 under 30 and is motivated to continue Sensat's mission as the business expands into new territories.


Utilisation of Mobile Mapping for Digital Twins