BIM Cloud Worksharing for Integrated Project Delivery

There has been a lot of talk in the construction industry lately about integrated project delivery. Although many projects today are done in a common theme of collaboration, not all is backed by a legally-binding agreement. Integrated project delivery is a contractual arrangement among the owners, architects and contractors that aligns business interests of all parties. The parties collaborate from the earliest stages of the project, agreeing on project goals, target costs and allocation of responsibilities, risks and compensation.

Advancement in cloud computing technology is democratizing access to knowledge, tools, and techniques, creating a robust collaborative environment. Putting BIM on the cloud allows information about a project to be accessed by anyone in any location at any time. On top of this, models can be worked on simultaneously by various professions, clashes can be identified quickly, while every changes updated in real-time. This supports project coordination, model coordination and project management, resulting in more efficient design, construction and operation processes.