Geodesign for Collaborative Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management is a data-driven activity that involves multiple stakeholders. The long list of upcoming renovations and maintenance projects requires prioritizing and collaboration with many external parties to enable smart decisions. An abundance of technical and spatial information is available to support these decisions. Organized in cooperation between the Ministry of Transport and Waterways (Rijkswaterstaat) and the Spatial Information Laboratory of the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, the session will present a number of practical examples that demonstrate the use of geodesign tools in collaborative infrastructure management.


Tessa Eikelboom

Application Manager and Advisor GĂ©odesign
The Netherlands

Jaap Bakker

Coordinating Specialist Advisor on Asset Management and Data Integration
The Netherlands

Gustavo Arciniegas

Geo-Col GIS and Collaborative Planning
The Netherlands

Sarah Gottwald

Institute for Environmental Planning
Leibniz University Hannover