BIM for Facility Management

‘A process, including digital systems, where multiple parties collaborate unambiguous and share relevant information based on open standards, workflows and roles.’

During this closing session, presenters from Schiphol, Tensing GIS Consultancy and 4INDOOR will take you on their journey. Schiphol realizes that BIM and Geo Information must be combined and brought into relation to really add value. They have taken the first steps, but continue to look for cooperation, to ultimately make the best choices for connecting GEO|Design+BIM.


Moderator Alexander Worp

Strategic Advisor BIM
The Netherlands

Arisca Droog

Technical Information Coordinator
The Netherlands

Maya Tryfona

GIS/BIM consultant
Tensing GIS Consultancy
The Netherlands

Gerben Roseboom

Consultant/ Founder
The Netherlands

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