Collaborative Workflow for Design and Engineering

With a global population expected to reach 10 billion people by 2050, and more than 70 percent residing in urban areas, extraordinary pressure will be placed on the already strained infrastructure resources. To meet these challenges, we need to embrace new ways of planning, designing, building, operating and maintaining infrastructure assets. This is where GIS and BIM come into the picture.

By bridging the flow of data between GIS and BIM and placing that information at the center of infrastructure projects, assets no longer need to be planned, designed and built in isolation of everything else around it. Instead, planners and designers can better view infrastructure projects in relation to how those assets fit and interact with the surrounding ecosystem.

Autodesk and Esri, global leaders in BIM and GIS, are partnering to drive the integration of spatial intelligence and 3D design model information. The session will present the vision of the two global leaders to create a more tightly-integrated GIS and BIM that can empower AEC firms and project owners to focus not only on what to design and build, but also better understand where and why, helping them to deliver more sustainable and resilient infrastructure through more economical, social, and environmentally responsible planning and design practices.


Moderator Sanjay Kumar

Chief Executive Officer
Geospatial Media and Communications

Danny Spillmann

Director, Global Business Development

Karen Weiss

Senior Industry Strategy Manager