GEO|Design+BIM in Energy Transformation

The transformation to a sustainable and secure energy system is a huge task. As agriculture is facing an energy problem, the impact of climate change is showing itself, the current electrical-, road- and building-infrastructure are not futureproof and renewable energy is seeing an explosive growth worldwide. Things are about to change.

The question is ‘how’ and how will this affect our surroundings? Integration of data, above and below the ground, from the inside of buildings to the public space is needed to gain insight in the challenges. In the process to getting realistic answers, data can be used to build a digital twin of nearly anything. In this digital twin you can build any scenario you want. This can be on the scale of a house, a neighborhood or a whole city. To combine GIS, 3D (generated buildings or BIM) with processes, such as moving vehicles, you can experience and the digital world without having the need to travel. You can even alter this digital world. You can combine the underground with all the energy infrastructure and the above ground world, where the most of the electricity demand is. You can combine the outside area with a building that you can experience from the inside. You can make interventions in the digital world and explore what the consequences are, before you go out into the real world. The digitalization has a major influence on the transformation of the energysystem, can you keep up?


Moderator Rob van de Velde

The Netherlands

Leen van Doorn

Founder/ CEO, vDrn Organisatie en Informatie
Energy Specialist, Geonovum
The Netherlands

Sanne Hettinga

PhD candidate, SPINlab
VU Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Paul van Pelt

Chief Executive Officer
De Twee Snoeken
The Netherlands

Tirza van Daalen

Director, Geological Survey
The Netherlands