Liveable Smart Cities By Design

In 2030 60% of the world’s population will be living in cities. In what kind of city do we want to live in the future, and how can we attain it? This question is the central theme. Key words are collaboration and the smart use of the latest technology to create a city that is pleasant to both live in and work in. With all the digital information publicly available today, it’s possible to create a digital copy of the city that can be visited and experienced virtually. In this so-called digital twin, the impact of all kinds of processes and future plans is calculated and visualized using smart models. This enables us to experience in advance what various scenarios will look like and what the consequences of different processes will be. With the help of this digital twin of the city, the city’s residents and those with decision-making authority can more easily assess and understand the different processes, and are better able to consult with one another. This in turn leads to better decisions, and therefore, a better city!


Moderator Huib Pasman

Senior Data Innovation Architect
Amsterdam Johan Cruijff ArenA
The Netherlands

Henk Van Raan

Chief Innovation Officer
Amsterdam Johan Cruijff ArenA
The Netherlands

Benjamin Friedman

Chief Executive Officer
Geo Impact

Ted Lamboo

Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnership
Bentley Systems
The Netherlands

Louis Smit

Strategic Advisor, Geo-information
City of Rotterdam
The Netherlands