Pre-conference Workshop

Geodesignhub for Collaborative Urban Planning

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Date and time Wednesday, 31 October 2018
09:00 - 17:00 hrs
Venue VU Amsterdam
Hosted by Hans van der Made, Eduardo Dias, Niels van Manen, Hrishi Ballal
Workshop description

We will use geodesign hub (, an online tool that enables collaborative geodesign processes, to explore challenges and solutions for the Amsterdam Zuidoost district (ZO).

Amsterdam Southeast is home to diverse communities, hosts diverse landuses and houses the Johan Cruijff Arena (which is an important recreational venue attracting waves of visitors several times a week). The area is fast changing and experiencing a boom in construction activity. The workshop will focus on the challenge of balancing the needs of the residents, the commercial interests and the aspirations of the Johan Cruijff Arena.

We will use geospatial tools and methods to understand the scope of actions required to achieve this balance for the next 5-10 years, such as:

  • identify alternative landuses / improvements for the publicly owned parcels;
  • develop a list of priority projects and policies to pursue for the next two-five years along with the parcels;
  • understand the organizational and project management structure of effectively managing this transition, and
  • identify most contentious parcels and a build a management strategy for them.

No experience of GIS is required, belief that geospatial information can help us make better decisions is.

Maximum number of participants


Who should attend?

Urban planners, Architects, GIS analysts, professionals with interest in Amsterdam Southeast.

Dr. Hrishikesh Ballal

Founder and Managing Director

Niels van Manen

Researcher, Spatial Digital Humanities
Spatial Information Laboratory
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Eduardo Dias

Research Coordinator, Geodan
Assistant Professor, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
The Netherlands