Virtual & Augmented Reality in Construction and Infrastructure Projects

Only few years back, the terms virtual and augmented reality were mainly used in the domains of entertainment and gaming. Today, they are important components of the construction industry. VR is proving to be an effective planning and rendering tool for architects to make more informed and accurate design decisions. Instead of a 2D rendering and a model, architects and designers can create a virtual tour of the future space.

While VR is particularly advantageous in the pre-construction stage, AR comes into its own once the project is underway. By projecting virtual images into the user's line of sight, AR can be used on-site as a tool for creating the structure exactly as the design intended. This could greatly speed up construction projects and minimize the number of errors made during the actual building process. Session will showcase successful use of VR and AR in construction and infrastructure projects.


Moderator Ananya Narain

Manager - Research Programs
Geospatial Media and Communications
The Netherlands

Heikki Halttula

Chief Executive Officer
Viasys VDC

Øyvind Svaland

BIM Manager

Olli Poutanen

WSP Game Studio

Ed Fennema

Business Development Director
Geodan Go
The Netherlands