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GEO| Design+BIM is an exclusive platform in Europe that highlights and initiates discussions related to the use of geospatial data analytics and 3D modeling in spatial design, construction, operation and maintenance. The event, combination of two innovative platforms: GeoDesign Summit Europe and GeoBIM Europe, was rebranded in 2017.

Understanding the relevance and importance of bringing the geospatial analytics, spatial planning, architecture, engineering, and construction and operation/maintenance professionals together on one platform, the integrated event will once again convene in Amsterdam from 1-2 November 2018.

This year, GEO| Design+BIM will delve further into the integration of geospatial technology and BIM; and other associated industry trends including big data analytics, IoT sensors, drones, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), robotics, cloud worksharing, modular/offsite construction, city information modeling, etc.

200+ Delegates
50+ Speakers
100+ Organizations
20+ Countries


Enabling tomorrow’s connected infrastructure

The arrival of sensor, analytics, and cloud technologies is transforming the construction industry. There is no guessing what the building we live, play and work in will be like 10-15 years from now. Will the infrastructure that we use in our day-to-day lives operate in the same way? With the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT), there are new and critical considerations to think about while designing and constructing a new building/infrastructure.

Gartner, in its report ‘Forecast: The Internet of Things, Worldwide’, predicted that by the year 2020, connectivity will become a standard feature. The possibility of connecting virtually everything, from the simplest to the most complex object, offers remote control, monitoring and sensing capabilities to buildings and infrastructure operators. It is up to the planners, architects, engineers, and builders to ensure the building and infrastructure that we build today are IoT-ready in the future.

So how does BIM play a role in this?
The spatial data and asset data that comes with BIM provide a framework for the organization and analysis of IoT data in a way that is meaningful to building and infrastructure operations. Without BIM, information coming from sensors and devices are just silos, unusable information. Integrating BIM in the planning, design, and construction processes today will not only increase efficiency and productivity of a project; it is also a measure of preparedness to the hyper-connected world that we envision for tomorrow.


Architecture Firms

Building Operators

Building Owners

Construction Companies

Consultants (Environmental/ Engineering/ Project Management)

Engineering Companies

Facilities Managers

Hardware and Software Vendors

National Geospatial Agencies

Policy Makers

Professional Bodies

Project Owners

Research Institutions & Academia

SMEs/System Integrators


Delegate Categories Fee (€)*
Professionals 350
Students 100
*Includes 21% VAT

Registration fee is inclusive of:

  • Access to conference and display area for two days
  • Tea/coffee breaks, lunches and evening reception
  • Conference materials


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GEO|Design+BIM 2017

153 Delegates
62 Speakers
103 Organizations
23 Countries
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